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Becoming a Referee

Interested in becoming a referee? Please review the officials pathway below and then contact the
Judo BC Referee Committee Chair to get started.

Officials Pathway:


To be examed for promotion at the Provincial Level please contact the Judo BC Referee Committee Chair.

To apply for a National evaluation please CLICK HERE to fill out the application.


Rules and Regulations

IJF Sport Organization Rules – July 2015

Judo Canada Sanction Policy and Tournament Standards

Judo Canada Back Patch Regulation Policy

Judo Canada Competition Regulation Summary – 2015-16

Summary of IJF contest rule changes and Judo Canada’s modifications to the IJF rules – February 6, 2014

Resources and Forms


IJF Referee Rules Presentation – Malaga 2014

2014 Junior Olympics Referee Clinic – Ovidio Garnero, PJC Referee Director

IJF Video – This video produced by the IJF demonstrates a number of the newly implemented rule changes

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