NCCP Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I take an NCCP course? I already have a black belt and I’m an instructor in my dojo?

Through the NCCP coach pathway, you will enhance your understanding of how to plan a purposeful practice and create engaging activities. You will also gain skills that will help participants identify how to improve their performance by providing constructive criticism and advice. Finally, you will learn how to manage problems by making ethical and respectful decisions and enable safe participation by creating a safe environment.

I took an NCCP course – Does that mean I’m now a certified coach?

Not quite but you are on your way. Once you have taken a course you are now considered “trained”. To become “certified” you must take and pass the Make Ethical Decision online evaluation complete and submit the coach portfolio and be evaluated.  Not sure if you are “in training”, “trained” or certified? Check out your profile on the Coaches Association of Canada online database “The Locker

Which Make Ethical Decision (MED) online evaluation module should I take?

Competition Introduction evaluation is the correct module for both Dojo Assistant and Dojo Instructor candidates.

How do I get evaluated?

Evaluations are conducted by the Judo BC NCCP facilitators. Please complete the Evaluation Registration Form and submit to the NCCP chair at to book an evaluation.

What is a NCCP #? Do I have one?

A National Coaching Certification Program, or NCCP # is the number assigned to you by the Coaching Association of Canada. It is your coach identification number. If you have taken any coaching course, in any discipline, then you have a NCCP#. CLICK HERE to find your NCCP#.

I’m not the Head Instructor or Head Sensei at my club, should I take an instructor’s course?

Yes. If you are currently instructing at any level at your club, or are interested in instructing you should take the Dojo Assistant course. Components of this course include modules focused on teaching and learning, emergency preparedness, ethical decision making and skill analysis.

If you are interested in coaching at judo competitions the Dojo Instructor course is the next step in your coach pathway. This course builds on the Dojo Instructor course by adding modules focused on supporting the competitive experience, performance analysis, and practice planning.

I have Certification in the old NCCP Levels system, do I have certification in the Stream-based NCCP system?

Yes. Your previous level of training will determine what your current stream-based training credit. To see how the training transfers you may CLICK HERE.