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It was a busy weekend, July 21 to 23, for Team BC at the 2017 US Open in Ft. Lauderdale Florida with athletes from across the Province competing in this prestigious shiai. Here are the Team BC results:


Meghan Au: 2W/1L Silver

Leanna Au (2W/1L) : Silver

U13 (Intermediate 2)
Pepe Schroeder 34kg: 1W/2L: NR
Dakota Sanzana 42kg (2W/2L): Bronze

U15 (Juvenile A)
Makayla Sanzana 53kg (3W/1L): Bronze
Emil Schenk 58kg (2W/2L): 5th
Owen Wellard 64kg (2W/2L): 7th
Aiden Keyes 48kg (0W/2L): NR
Eli Grant 36kg (0W/2L): NR

Jamiliya Wellard 63kg (1W/1L): Silver
Tiffany Coolican 57kg (2W/1L): Bronze
Tami Goto 48kg (1W/2L): 5th
Jordan Warner 63kg (0W/2L): NR
Karrissa Comeau 57kg (0W/1L): NR
Jackson Minnick 90kg (2W/0L) : Gold
Anthony Henry 60kg (3W/2W): 5th
Turner Cyr 60kg (1W/1L): NR
Billy Gubbins 60kg (0W/1L): NR
Finn Schroeder 60kg (0W/1L): NR
Gunner Floyd 66kg (0W/1L): NR
Shiran Samuels 66kg (0W/1L): NR
Lochlan Young 66kg (0W/1L): NR

Alicia Fiandor 63kg (2W/1L): Silver
Hailey Sennott 63kg (0W/2L): NR
Ario Nishimura 81kg (1W/1L): Bronze
Mitchell Wolfe 73kg (2W/2L): 7th
Jackson Minnick 90kg (0W/2L): NR
Billy Gubbins 60kg (0W/1L): NR
Brennan Jolley 66kg (0W/1L): NR


Cheyenne Fiandor -63kg (1W/1L): Silver
Tiffany Coolican -57kg (1W/2L): 5th
Hailey Sennott -63kg (0W/2L): NR
Ario Nishimura -81kg (2W/2L): NR
Mitchell Wolfe -73kg (1W/2L): NR
Abdumazhit Smazov -90kg (1W/2L): NR
Brennan Jolley -66kg (1W/2L): NR
Nathan Eby -73kg (0W/2L): NR

U18 Team:
Team BC 1 (1W/1L): Bronze
– Max Brown (1W/1L)
– Turner Cyr (1W/1L)
– Gunner Floyd (0W/2L)
– Shiran Samuels (0W/2L)
– Jackson Minnick (2W/0L)

Team BC 2 (0W/2L): NR
– Finn Shroeder (1W/1L)
– Billy Gubbins (0W/2L)
– Anthony Henry (1W/1L)
– Lochlan Young (0W/2L)

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