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July 4, 2017 by admin | posted in Judo BC News

Dear families,

With the introduction of both the Provincial Training Center in Burnaby and several development centers across the Province, many of our talented young judokas now find themselves wanting to move to one of the centers and in need of housing. We wish to develop a network of “host families” for these young athletes to stay with and are currently looking for judo families in Burnaby and Abbotsford interested in inviting a young judoka into their homes for September thru June.

What is a Host Family ?

A host family ‘s mission is to welcome into their home a young judoka who needs to find a place to live during the judo season.

For this mission to go well, usually one school year (but it can also be for a quarter or a semester), it requires that the two parties, host family and athlete, are in harmony. Judo BC will assist in partnering up athletes and families. We will ensure that the host family will be able to meet the athletes basics needs as well as provide structure, emotional support and guidance as they would to their own children. All of the athletes will be required to follow the Judo BC code of conduct at all times both on and off the mats.

Options :

  1. $300* per month room room only

You will need to ensure that the young athlete has everything to meet their basic needs. (Access to the kitchen, a refrigerator, a stove, place to eat, laundry, the internet)

  1. $500* per month requesting full-board

The judoka should receive, in addition to breakfaast and dinner, a bag lunch on school days and lunch in the home on weekends. If you are unable to cook, please let the athlete know in advance and leave food for him/her to prepare.

*This is a suggested amount. The final amount to be agreed upon by the host family and athlete’s family.

Do you want to become a Host Family? What is required?

  • Live close to Burnaby Judo Club, with easy access to Skytrain/Bus or close to Abbotsford Judo Club
  • Provide a private bedroom for the athlete
  • Provide a safe and comfortable environment

If you meet these requirements and you are interested in hosting an athlete, please contact Jeremy Le Bris at to set up an evaluation meeting with Judo BC.

Host responsabilities

Ideally, the student should have dinner with you and your family as often as possible. If you are unable to cook some evenings, please let the athlete know in advance and leave food for him/her to prepare.

Be available at your home on the day of the athlete’s arrival. In the event you are unable to be at your home you must discuss alternative arrangements with us.

Judo BC will be available to provide support, mediation if needed, for both the athletes and host families and will monitor the athletes to ensure that their behaviour adheres to our Code of Conduct.

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