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Postcard from Japan

June 20, 2012 by Admin

Submitted by John Huntley, Aberdeen Judo Academy Left Canada on Wednesday, April 25 for my bi-yearly trip to Japan to compete in the All Japan High Dan Tournament (Zen Nihon Kodansha Taikai) held at the Kodokan in Tokyo.  Sponsored by the All Japan Judo Federation, competition is restricted to Kodokan 5th dan & higher ranked […]

Mori and Yoshida honoured at 2012 Annual General Meeting

June 16, 2012 by Admin

Yoshitaka Mori and Yoshio Yoshida were awarded, posthumously, the Steve Sasaki Award this past Saturday as part of the 2012 Annual General Meeting. Yoshitaka Mori was an 8th Dan, and founder of the Vernon Judo Club. A leader in the development of judo in BC and Canada, Mori was a member of the Okanagan Sports […]

Note from the President: Executive Director Resignation Announcement

June 13, 2012 by Admin

To all members of Judo BC, It is with a heavy heart and no small amount of regret that I must let you know that our Executive Director, Diane St-Denis, has announced her resignation from Judo BC. Since joining Judo BC twenty months ago Diane has quickly become a critical member of our team and […]

Update from Africa

June 8, 2012 by Admin

Our readers may recall a post back in February regarding the equipment our members donated to a club in Africa.   Here is an update. Saizen Judo would like to extend a special word of thanks to BC (British Columbia) Judo in Canada and specifically to Sensei Sandra Hewson for organizing and coordinating the donation and […]

Sensei teaches with heart

April 30, 2012 by Admin

By Kristian Rasmussen, The Columbia Valley Pioneer Staff  He could use his skills as a third degree judo black belt to disarm you in an instant, but he prefers to disarm with his greatest strength: his smile.    Hermann Mauthner, judo sensei, has used his friendly nature and volunteer ethic to build a dynasty of […]