Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for membership and other services?

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What currency do you charge your members in?

  • All transactions are in Canadian Dollars.

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What methods of payment to you accept?

  • We accept cheques, bank drafts, certified money orders, cash (in person at events, clinics, tournaments, courses only) and coming soon credit card payments.

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Where is your association located?

  • Judo BC is located in Vancouver and is a registered society in the Province of British Columbia, Canada.

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How and where can your members/customers contact you for support?

  • We can be contacted by mail, phone, email or fax. Please visit our Contacts Page.

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What is your refund policy?

  • The membership fees refund policy is listed in the Judo BC Policies and Procedures which can be downloaded from the following link:
  • Constitution & Bylaws / Policies & Procedures

    This refund policy also applies to all courses, seminars, examinations, grading, clinics, and tournament participation fees.

    The refund policy for BC Team travel is provided to invited participants prior to the collection of the fees associated with the travel.

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What benefits do I receive as a member of Judo BC?

  • There are many benefits accrued to the Judoka such as:

Access to standardized, safe, age appropriate programs from the sport Canada Long Term Development model.

Access to club sensei’s who receive coaching education training through the National Coaches Certification Program as well as Judo

BC and Judo Canada through sanctioned and organized tournaments and clinics.

Access to practice with black-belts members who have gone through extensive training through tournaments and clinics and have received their grading through a Judo BC and Judo Canada sanctioned grading board.

Access to practice with full members who have gone through extensive training through tournaments and clinics sanctioned and organized by BC and Judo Canada.

Access to Safe, standard rules for competitions that aim to ensure a positive experience for participants. Judo BC also sanctions several competition per year:

  • Provincial Championships
  • Several Open Tournaments
  • BC Winter Games

Access to higher performance competition through Team BC:

  • Western Canadian Games / Canada Winter Games.
  • National Championships – International Championship.

Access To support services and program through Team BC:

  • Athlete Assistance Program
  • Canadian Sport Pacific Training Centres

Access to the Judo BC / Judo Canada Officials program:

  • Offers officiating courses conducted by highly skilled instructors.
  • Insures competent officials for tournaments.
  • Provides opportunity to excel at officiating at National and International Levels.

Access to the Ministry of Education’s External Sport Credentials Program (ESCP).

Access to KidSport funding through Sport BC.

National Sport Trust Fund – tax deductible receipt program (coming soon).

Insurance in case of injury to the judoka.

Access to the Judo BC Digest (newsletter).

A forum to exchange ideas and get advice from others in the Judo community.

And more – See “Benefits of Membership” for more information.

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I don’t plan on competing this year, do I need to still register with Judo BC?

  • Access to competition is only one benefit offered by Judo BC. As an active judoka you may wish to retain you access to Judo BC’s insurance program. Judokas who aspire to access additional grading promotions should remember that on-going member in good standing status is one of the promotion requirement found in the Judo Canada Grading syllabus.

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Why does Judo BC need all of the information requested on the Individual Membership Registration Form?

  • Judo BC is required to retain information on its members in order to satisfy requirements imposed by the BC Societies’ Act, its funding partners and Judo Canada. All information is protected in accordance to the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA). Judo BC privacy policy can be found in Judo BC’s Policies and Procedures Manual.

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I suffered an injury while participating in a practice at the dojo. How do I access the Judo BC Insurance Program?

  • Judo BC, through its affiliation with Judo Canada, offers accidental insurance for registered judokas. Click here for additional information.

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