What is Judo

Judo is a self defense martial art that teaches it’s practitioners (judoka) to gain control over an attacker without striking him or her. It is a method of turning an opponent’s strength against him or her and overcoming by skill rather than sheer strength.

Judo does not involve punching, kicking or striking techniques but rather, uses throws, holds, chokes and grappling (it looks more like wrestling than other martial arts).

Through the study of judo, judoka learn respect (for self and others), discipline, responsibility and control. Judo is a safe, fun way to reduce stress, while increasing physical fitness, confidence and overall well being.

Levels in Judo – belt/grade

Kyu grades (Mudansha – colour belts)
Rokkyu 6th grade white belt
Gokyu 5th grade yellow belt
Yonkyu 4th grade orange belt
Sankyu 3rd grade green belt
Nikyu 2nd grade blue belt
Ikkyu 1st grade brown belt

Dan Grades (Yudansha – black belts)
Shodan 1st grade black belt
Nidan 2nd grade black belt
Sandan 3rd grade black belt
Yondan 4th grade black belt
Godan 5th grade black belt
Rokudan 6 th grade black or red and white belt
Shichidan 7th grade black or red and white belt
Hachidan 8th grade black or red and white belt
Kudan 9th grade red or black belt
Judan 10th grade red or black belt


Learn more about Judo at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judo