Vision, Mission & Values


  • Judo BC is the recognized governing body for judo in BC, representing all sanctioned and registered judo clubs in the province
  • Judo BC is a registered non-profit society incorporated under the Society Act in British Columbia.
  • Judo BC members are those members as outlined in the by-laws.

All members of Judo BC, as defined in the by-laws, are bound by the rules, regulations and policies of Judo BC.


To develop and support Kodokan Judo in British Columbia.


Through leadership, programs, and activities, in cooperation with its member clubs and its partners, Judo BC promotes, supports and develops Kodokan Judo as a sport, martial art, self-defense, recreation, fitness and health activity, and as a way of life.


Mutual welfare and benefit

  • Strive for fair play, integrity and personal excellence
  • Demonstrate respect for self and others


  • Practice excellence in service through all facets of the organization


  • Support equality and fairness for all members
  • Ensure equity and access in programs and services
  • Maintain open communication with members and partners
GOALS 2015- 2019

Increase membership by 12%

Performance Increase the number of nationally ranked E and above BC athletes to 8 – 10

Technical Development Increase the number of officials to support the tournament system

Organization & Management Sustainable, effective and efficient structure and systems in place to support Participation, Performance and Technical Development

For more information about the Judo BC goals please visit our 2015-2019 Strategic Plan



Through the practice of judo, Association programs and activities, and affiliations with member clubs and partners, Judo BC promotes the founding principles of Kodokan Judo which emphasize respect for self and opponents, fair play, as well as both mental and physical development. Judo training is defined as: maximum efficiency in the use of mind and body with minimal effort for the mutual benefit and welfare of all. All members, all participants, regardless of age, rank or position are expected to respect and adhere to this code.



Access to Association membership, activities, programs, financial support, and volunteer and staff positions, for all athletes, coaches, officials, members and candidates, is fair and equitable. Access is based on the defined criteria and the qualification of candidates, not on age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, geographical location, club affiliation or level of development.

For more information about Judo BC including the Constitution and Bylaws and Policies and Procedures please visit the Governance section of this website